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Items In Progress

1941 Chevrolet Pickup

Found in a pasture in South Dakota with a 1961 registration tag. We wonder if this one was "running when parked."

Here's the truck "as found" in a pasture in South Dakota.

The truck was donated by a relative in South Dakota with the understanding it would be used to make something else. We had an old '93 Chevy S-10 with a 4.3L V-6 that ran and drove fine, just wasn't much to look at. What if we took this '41 that isn't much to look at either and put it on the S-10 chassis? We're thinking to end up with something that looks similar to this but has power steering, power disc brakes, automatic with overdrive, hot & cold air, and fuel injection.

Taking both apart will be a good place to start.

The donor truck.

The S-10 frame is too wide for the cab in the front corners.

This will give the needed clearance. It will be trimmed and further reinforced on the inside when adding front cab mounts.

The location of the cab has to be indexed off the front wheel opening.

Making a template for the front cab mounts.

The motor mounts also had to be moved back several inches.

Shortening the frame for the right wheelbase for the rear wheel openings.

Level on both sides!

The cab and motor both were on-and-off, in-and-out of the S-10 chassis countless times trying to figure out what needed to be where.

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